Avoiding Foods That Cause Constipation

Published: 23rd March 2011
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Statistically speaking the most common cause of constipation is a poor diet. This is reason alone to re-examine your diet and to learn more about the foods that may cause constipation. Reduction of unhealthy foods and an increased consumption of healthy foods with fiber can increase your digestive systems abilities. Also by making this dietary tweak, regular bowel movements in many cases will return.

Foods that are high in fat and low in fiber have been known generally as the foods that cause constipation. There are numerous types of food that can meet this description. Although there are many that we actively consume on a day to day basis that usually cause us the problem of constipation and irregular bowel movements.

Dairy products fit into the category of foods that cause constipation. They are both rich in fat and contain no fiber, individuals who have a diet heavily rich in dairy products and suffer from constipation are recommended to reduce their dairy product intake. However dairy products do provide many essential nutrients, especially for children. Yogurt contains probiotics which can assist the body with digestion by adding good bacteria to the digestive tract. Yogurt is a better substitute to use if you suffer from indigestion then say ice cream, and this can help with bowel movements.

Another food that is rich in fat with no fiber would be meat. Meat can be more dangerous when it is grilled or fried with regards to constipation. Many people will see constipation relief by simply reducing meat and replacing it with fatty fish such as mackerel, tuna or salmon. Cold water fish are rich in omega 3's, which beside being very beneficial for the heart and brain, are also helpful with the digestive system.

Americans are obsessed with snacking and there is a huge industry of snack foods that are full of sugar, contain no water, no fiber and can wreak havoc on your digestive system and your health. If you are suffering from constipation it is wise to cut back on processed sweets, chips, pastry's and many of the other sweet snack comfort foods we consume on a regular basis. Try replacing them with fruits, and if you wish to indulge try popcorn or dark chocolate as a way to get your fix as they are less harmful to the body.

The American diet is one that is ultra high in processed foods. These foods are dried, frozen, cooked, and usually have several additives to help them have a long shelf life, these are foods that cause constipation. Not only is the process unnatural it is also voids many of the nutrients and fibers from the food. Even food that one can usually find to be healthy will lack fiber and essential nutrients. You are always better off eating water dense fresh fruits and vegetables, along with fresher whole grain pastas and breads , as this will help improve your digestion.

Keeping the amount of foods that cause constipation to a minimum in the diet is a great way to see beneficial improvements in digestion and bowel movements.

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